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Posted by Chelsea Good on March 17, 2009

Welcome to the Masters of Beef Advocacy (MBA) class being organized by K-State’s Beef Cattle Institute and the Kansas Beef Council! We will be the first class to graduate and are also the largest class signed up so far.

My name is Chelsea Good and I’m a graduate student at Kansas State who worked on organizing this group. I first became interested in beef advocacy while serving on the 2004 National Beef Ambassador team. My experience traveling the country working with producer and consumer groups opened my eyes to a need to connect the people and stories of producers to the beef consumers pick up at the grocery store. What motivated you to sign up for the Master of Beef Advocacy program? Post a comment below introducing yourself and letting everyone know why you wanted to get involved.


3 Responses to “Welcome!”

  1. Sarah Lawrence said

    My name is Sarah Lawrence and I live at Winfield, Ks. I am interested in beef advocacy because I’m tired of everyone I know eating only chicken! As I’ve grown up, I’ve always eaten a variety of meat although we have only raised hogs and cattle. I personally prefer only beef and thus wish to promote beef for higher (at sale) prices and ethanol for higher (at sale) prices for corn and milo…we farm as well.
    As well, I am the Vice President for the Cowley County Cattlewomen’s Association and thought this might give me some more ideas for the promotion of beef through that.

  2. Kathleen Robinson said

    Hello everyone! My name is Kathleen Robinson I am originally from Pilot Point Texas where I have grown up showing cattle, hogs and poultry however I currently live in El Dorado KS. I attend Butler Community College and am on the livestock judging team here. It was just this last semester when I took an Ag in Society course. In this course we were required to pick a topic and present a power point presentation to the class. Without even thinking I chose the topic PETA, as I researched this topic I can understand their concerns for animal welfare however I along with other producers was very distressed by some of the reports they chose publicize which in my opinion by no means represent the beef industry as a whole. I am very disappointed by the light they and other organization choose to shed on the beef industry and feel I should take part in presenting the other side of the story to the people. I feel like the MBA training is a great step in doing so and I look forward to completing the course.

  3. Tera said

    Hello! I am Tera Rooney, a junior at Kansas State University. I am originally from Satanta, Kansas in the southwest corner of the state. I am currently an Animal Sciences & Industry pre-vet major, the Treasurer of KSU Collegiate Cattlewomen, President of the American Junior Maine-Anjou Association and employed at Certified Angus Beef. I am excited to completing this course in beef advocacy because I believe it is an important part of what we do as producers and enthusiasts. It would be the missing puzzle piece in my involvement in the industry and I look forward to completing the puzzle!

    Great job Chelsea and Darren on putting this all together!

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