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Posted by Chelsea Good on March 20, 2009

I really enjoyed this lesson as I feel communicating with the public about animal welfare is an issue of increasing importance, especially with instances of abuse footage being captured and presented as common industry practices. I also thought the homework exercise was extremely practical. Next time you come across negative information about animal care you will already have a response ready. It’s also a good idea to send your comments into papers even if there hasn’t been any misinformation presented in the publication recently. That way you’re the one starting the conversation, rather than just playing defense.

What part of this lesson stuck out for you? Have you had experiences where you’ve seen animal care being misrepresented? Were you able to provide your side of the story as well?


One Response to “LESSON 2 – ANIMAL CARE”

  1. Miranda said

    One question I have on this lesson relates to space cattle are given in a feedlot. It’s great that our industry is able to advocate our spacious accommodations, but we are in this with the poultry and swine industries, too. Competing proteins or not, we need to inform consumers on a unified front. Using gestation crates is important to swine producers’ livelihoods, the safety of piglets, etc., but it does not fit what the average consumer wants to think about pigs wallowing in the mud. Do we magnify this problem at all by pointing out the vast space cattle are given in a feedlot? I’m not sure I know the answer, but I do know animal agriculture needs to work together.

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