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Posted by Chelsea Good on March 24, 2009

I was glad we had a course focusing on beef safety because this is something that is on the top of consumers’ minds. There’s a lot of confusion about beef safety, as we saw with the statistics that many people think FMD and BSE are related.

However, one thing I’ve found is, in addition to the key points talked about in the lesson, sharing with consumers that the beef you produce that ends up in the grocery store is the exact same beef you put on the table for your own family can be very persuasive. Often knowing that the product is so safe you trust it for your own loved ones will be the reassurance consumers need to continue feeding beef to their own families.

What do you think? How do you approach the topic of beef safety with consumers?


One Response to “LESSON 3 – BEEF SAFETY”

  1. Daren Williams said

    Chelsea — You make a great point about sharing that the beef you produce is the same beef that ends up at the store. Wish we had thought to include it in the course. I had a conversation with a consumer at a restaurant in State College, PA last night. She said she only buys beef from a farmer’s market because she doesn’t like the beef in stores. I shared that I buy ALL my beef from the grocery store and find it to be high quality — after all it’s the same beef…just not as direct as buying from a producer at a farmer’s market.

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